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Friday, July 26, 2013

Bedtime 03 | Jack and Jake, Staring at the Ceiling, K-I-L-L-I-N-G.

“BURRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNN HIIIIMMMM MAMAAAAAAAAAAA!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. Mama didn’t waste any time, she pushed me outside and threw the lighter on the floor. Jack screamed in pain as the fire ate his flesh. Mama glared at the mad fire, and ran outside too, slamming the door behind her. She took me by an arm and turned her back. She watched the lit room through the window for awhile before she covered her face and wept.

Jack was a happy boy. He wanted a brother, but Mama couldn’t bear any child anymore. Father had left Mama alone for 4 years for that reason, Mama told me. Since Jack and Mama were pretty lonely, they went to my home and took me two years ago.  I used to be lonely too, but not anymore. I really liked it when Jack called me brother. I was happy to have a brother and a mother. This was my happy little family.

However, after several months, Jack started to abuse me. He called me “pig” and other names; it began to hurt Mama’s feelings. Mama usually defended me, saying that he sounded like his father. I apologised to Jack many times for being stupid, but Jack never heard me. One night I told him that I wanted to run away, but that didn't make him happy either. Instead, he raised me from my bed and took me outside to kill me. Mama heard the door squeaked, so she ran to it while calling me. Jack was ready to cut my throat when Mama was finally two feet away from Jack and I. Mama’s eyes turned glossy before she said “I’ll kill you if you kill Jake.” Jack dropped his knife and slammed me on the wall. He cursed a lot, and then rushed to his bedroom.

This morning I had the same feeling that he wanted to kill me again. I told Mama to never go to sleep, “stay awake tonight, I think Jack is trying to kill me again,” I assured. Mama just nodded in agreement. When Jack came to my room, he was as silent as a mouse. But I knew he would come, so I stared him in the dark. He spilled a big can of gasoline all over the room, and said hi to me. I was terrified. He raised a corner of his mouth and laughed really loud. That was when half of the lights in the house were switched on. Jack tried to light the lighter he had on his hand, but failed. Mama went in with rage and snatched the damn thing from his hands.  She took me to the door and told Jack who followed to stop. “JUST STOP YOU SON-OF-A-” I had never seen her so mad and heart-broken before. She continued lecturing Jack as he was crying for mercy.

“BURRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNN HIIIIMMMM MAMAAAAAAAAAAA!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. Then it happened. Mama lighted the damn thing and threw it on the floor, killing Jack for once and for all, knowing that if she hadn’t, he would do it again in the future.

The police, firemen and medical officers were now all over the place. They gave Mama a blanket and now trying to put out the fire. I am sitting on the cold grass, watching the fire as it grows stronger. I listen to the broken woods and little explosions in the house. It is horrifying.

A detective approaches my mother. I shift my attention to them.
“Okay Mrs. Nava, you left a child in there huh?”
“No,” Mama said, “he was caught in the fire. I didn’t have time to save him.”
“Okay. So that was Jack, am I correct?”
“Yes,” she says, staring at the sympathetic neighbours who swarm the street.
“Where’s your husband?” the detective pulls his eyebrows in.
“He is never home. It has been years.”
“Okay, we need you at the police station for more questioning Mrs. Nava.”

Mama nods. She looks at me with relief. “Can I bring Jake?” pointing at me.

The detective squints at my direction, “you mean that brown teddy bear? Sure Mrs. Nava. Let’s go.”


spankuning said...

(u.u) was all I could comment. Nama Nava tu mcm familiar je...

Dya J said...

Omg horror. Cerita horror yang berjaya menakutkan I. Congrats Boi I like tapi aaaaaaaaaaaaa scary shiz.


Span: Hahaha. Can't tell from where or who. But it is familiar to me. Not sure if we have the same idea. :p


Dya: Haaaahaha! Harap you boleh tidur malam ni. :p

Dya J said...

Woi scary woi. I ni stok2 Hantu Kak Limah pun dah takot................ Nasib tidur dgn mak. Oops ngeheh


Amboiii da beso pun tido ngan mak. Hahahaha! :p

Dya J said...

Hahahahaha! 8D