The cupids.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cerpen 17 | Cabin.

It was 730 in the evening and the rain which was once fierce had now turned so calm. Calvin made his way to the last cabin of the train, pressing through to get in. The station which he was at was only the second station from which the train had departed. There were many seats available, but fate had put him on this particular seat.
As usual, he would take out his iPod, listen to some soothing music and have his little booster nap. He never set any alarm whatsoever. It was always his instinct that told him he had reached his destination. But today, was a different story. The train woke him.

The cabin was now so awkwardly silent. The air-conditioner had died. The light flickered. Everyone stared at the window and darted their sight to the rest of the passengers. Calvin saw the look on their faces and pulled his earpieces off. He knew right away that the train had broken down or some sort, so he leaned against his seat, and looked to his left , blurting out a few words just to tell what was happening; “the train is-“

Now the face of this stranger was a familiar one, a blond girl with icy blue eyes and faint freckles on her face. She wore a simple t-shirt and a snow cap on top. The familiar necklace was still around her neck and those were the same bright skin and pink lips. She was staring at Calvin, and it seemed as if she wanted to say something too, but halted for the familiar sight.

He let the air built in his chest; thinking that a puff of air would broke the silence in the train. Shelly on the other hand, was really calm, as she always did.

Shelly was the first to look away, most probably because she knew nothing would happen. Calvin was still in his awkward position, so rigid and surprised. As he slowly raised his hand from his lap, the train gained its energy. The air-conditioned went alive, the light was now steady, and the train was moving. He put it softly on her lap, a sign of “hello.”

Shelly didn’t move. She slowly closed her eyes and went to sleep. This too apparently was a familiar sight. He suddenly remembered how she used to cry herself to sleep and how he used to not care. 

Calvin waited for his destination, and when he finally reached it, he stood up, walked to the door, and watched her sleeping from there.

Eventually, he did what he did best, walk away.


Andre R. Nasution said...

owh wow.. you're back!

junior_sysco said...

welcome back!!

Hunkiecrush said...

Helloooooooooo people. :p