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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Girl Who Gets To Dream.

Part 1.
It all began with a dream.

Both of them sat on a bench – watching the clouds shifting slowly from one spot to another and the fireflies which flew around the bushes, and the tiny ants on the cold seemingly dusty floor, and the waving dark-green grasses. They talked all night long, and there was a moment when they both knew nothing but an awkward silence. They gazed long in each other’s eyes, and grew embarrassed.

Tucker was a romantic guy, he knew Ronnie was cold, so he took out his sweater and tucked it nicely around her. “I wish we can have another 100th of nights like this”, said Tucker.
Ronnie had gone speechless, all she could do was smiling, but her heart screamed. It was a wordless moment, but a very loud one.

“I dreamt of you,” whispered Ronnie, still blushed.
“Oh yeah, what was it all about?” asked Tucker. He knew something was coming out.
“I dreamt of white snow.”
“I’m listening, honey.” Tucker provoked.
“It was snowing, my dream, it was very bright, but warm. There were orange and bluish paintings in the sky, and little patches of pale purple around it. It was beautiful.”
“Em-em, I bet it is beautiful Ronnie.”
“Indeed it is. But what’s more wonderful about it is to have you in it.”
“Really?” asked Tucker who was at the urge of a chuckle.

“You wore a blue shirt, nicely tucked in your dark-blue jeans. And you wore your snow cap, with red and black and white stripes, the one you used to wear. And you have those beige boots sunk in the snow. You were laughing, and you saw me coming, and you started to throw little snow balls at me.”
“Wait a minute-”
“No no,” Ronnie laughed, very coyly, “you’re a bad boy! You threw me snow balls and you laughed about it!”
Tucker laughed. “Ha-ha-ha! You’re making up that part!”
“And the sun, the sun - it shone down on you. And it just, touched my heart. It was so content, the warmth and the snow -”

“I told you this story, didn't I?”
“No, well, let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 okay I think this is like the second time we hang out late at night?”
“I never told you about this?”
“No.. Why?”

“I dreamt of the same thing..”

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