The cupids.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The 9th fling | 1

It was snowing outside, and the cold cut to the bone. Alice was happy that she did not have to go outside. Usually, Greg would take her for a walk after dinner, but not this time.

It was a wonderful thing Alice had been feeling. She couldn't believe that she finally had Greg, basking in her affection. There he was, lying next to her, topless; and covered with a piece of cream colored silk sheet. Everything was perfect, including the scenery outside which she enjoyed looking through the windows, the fluffy red carpet that covered the floor, and the flickering candles on the table near the open-wide door.

Alice turned her head toward Greg who seemed to be lost in the sight of her. She took a shallow breath and spoke softly, "what?"
"No, nothing", Greg answered. It came out as if the words were already there in the cavity, waiting to burst out. There was a long pause after that, an awkward one, then the silence broke when Greg began to fidget; and say,

"Do you know how cold it is outside?"
"I have NO idea,"
said Alice, trying to be funny.
"But you keep me warm.." he paused.

On the very second Greg uttered 'warm', her sight had stuck on those beautiful brown eyes of his. Then she realized she had a blank face. She smirked, she wanted to be funny, but she just couldn't. Moments later, Greg spoke again.

"Well, Alice, there is something I need to tell you."
"What is it? It better be good."
"It is, umm, good. I think."
"Tell me, I wanna know."
"There is something restless inside of me, here,"
he took Alice hands and laid it down carefully on his chest, "can you feel it?"
"Oh my! Yes! What is that? Are you nervous?"
she giggled.
"I don't know. It beats so fast when you're near."
"Awwww Greg! That is so romantic!"
"What have you done to me Alice?"
"I.. Well.. How do I know!"
"You should! Come here you monkey!"

Alice thought, in the thick chaos of laughs and physical entertainment they were having, 'he likes me.'

As for Greg, there were still, pauses. Each pause had given him the chance, to observe, to study, to embrace, the feeling, he wish he would soon learn.


Judiene said...

What is this?
New story?
What happen to yours?

Fruithart said...

Judiene ; That one has ended. :p

atiqqq said...

Kinda love your new story, Boiboi! Kiki

Judiene said...


Fruithart said...

judiene ; haha. why ALA? lol