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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yesterday Shall called me and she asked AGAIN, "BOI ARE YOU OKAY". Oh yes, "Im okay" but I am not. I don't want her to worry about my problems. I'm a guy and I can handle my my own problems especially with the kind of problems that can't really be solved. She's very emphatic - the way she talks.. Even though she says things that anyone else would say, I feel, different  - what she says gets into my heart.

I don't love her, she's my friend. I'm so happy people care about me.

"Boi u kat ne?" O.o
"Kat kolej ah. Kat bilek. Baru balek dari bilek aref." :)
"Oh ye ke? Die ade ke?" :DDD
"Tah lah, tadi ta nampak pon."

"Em Boi, are you okay"
"Hah? Okay je" :O
"I bace blog u. U ade problem ke?" :l
"Mane ade, bese je lahh."
"Kalaw ade problem u cite lah."

"Boi u jgn lagi buat camtoh. U buat i risau, i rase macam nak nanges bile dpt tawu u buat camtoh. Jangan buat mende bodoh. Banyak org sayang u." ;(


"Lepas nih u nak buat ape?"
"Nak smayang jap. Then study kot."
"Bagus boi. Itu yang i nak dengarrrrr." :')

I'm touched. 

Anyway, on the same note, thanks buddy for the encouragement. I will remember this. :)

boi- lol.. eventhough we have just became close this sem, well, towards the end of the sem actually.. ive learnt quite alot of things from u.. ur one smart and sensitive guy... u play and joke around a lot and that's why its fun being around u.. ur one strong and individualistic person who (i think) knows what he wants in life.. ur focus and with a lil bit more of hardwork, ull get to do anything ur heart desires... to me, ur one great guy to hang out with... i can talk alot of things with u because u have great insight and yeah.. lol.. u mite not agree with wat i say here.. but what the heck!! and i really really wish we'd be at the same place for degree.. coz i need some more time to get to knw u better... (AJ Hadzmy, 2009)


misterTAJ? said...

glad u have someone to lean on and a shoulder to cry... :) she might be one of the sweetest thing that u always imagine of :)

algeboi bunyik mcm sgt chumel ahahahaha :)


faiz,,, i am tryin to be serious,, coz i care about you... please...

Anonymous said...

lol.. love that u quoted from my blog...

= P

but hey.. we're ur friends... of course we care bout u.. if we dont, means we are... er... not on the same page..

say hie to bibo and leroo for me...

= )