The cupids.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Phonecall | Part Two

"Bye Adam. I'll - I guess I'll just wait for -" and the call ended.
"Your call," Adam uttered, once hastily swapped to another call.

"Hi, that was -" a familiar voice greeted him.

"'Fast'? (Laughed) Sorry I was on call with Dian. Hi!"

"That girl again. Adam, you like her don't you?"

"Ma, she's a good company."

"Just admit you still like her. Aiiiyaa," Ma dragged her sigh long, "So much pain listening to this." 

"I'm fine here. (Laugh) thank you for the reminder. So what's up?"

"What can she give you? She looks happy all the time you sure she is sane?" Ma questioned Adam, this time with a more serious tone.

"She is Ma. Happy is good, right?" Adam questioned, this time equally serious.

"Happy is good. But crazy people also happy all the time what," Adam could almost imagine her rolling her eyes while saying this.

"So. I should make sure she's not crazy then I can date her is that how it's gonna go?"

"You sure you wanna go out dating with this lady after all?"

"No! Was just saying things without thinking!" Adam burst a punch of laughter.

Ma decided not to respond. She skipped the whole conversation.

"You eaten already or not? Have money or not? Want me to come over?"

"Aww, I'm blushed all over. Yes to all Ma. I miss you."

"I miss you too. I'll come over now."

"Alright then! See you," Adam replied, with a naughty tone.

"See ya Papa."

And the phonecall ended.







Call me 2morrow. I hv meeting to attend la8r



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