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Friday, August 2, 2013

Bedtime 04 | Solah.

Everywhere she went, she’d be making a lot of friends despite of their background. She had the gift of the gab they said. She was a decent, religious person, but still had time to go all-crazy with her close friends. Her name was Sarah. She was my friend too.

I adored her in my college years. Her expressions always cracked me; and she always had these peculiar ways of thinking, mostly effective and intelligent. One thing that affected me greatly was the fact that she loved Islam; she followed exactly what the religion had to offer. I remember the night she told me that when Rasullullah s.a.w was still alive, he went to the sky and requested God to lessen the amount of prayers Muslims had to perform. It used to be countless, now Muslims are left with only 5 times of prayers a day. For that reason, she claimed, she never skipped her prayers. “Isn’t it simple?” she convinced me. I used to watch her sujud and cupped her hands at nights, waiting for her on my bed before we could share our secrets of the day.

Things changed when she began meeting a few guys she got to know over the internet. You can guess what happened as time got old. To ask her why, I dared not. Once we graduated, we kept in touch, but were physically apart for 6 years.

Last two months I was at her place. Not for a little reunion. No, no, it was her funeral. Every friend she made in college was there. And every single person shed tears looking at the body which was once full of life - now was cold and lifeless. Her mom passed me her thick journal, on the cover it said;

“For Ruby Only. Private and Confidential”

I spent weeks to finish reading it. She wrote that she was disappointed with her iman, and she was scared that I might hate her for that. She kept a record of the solah she had missed, and was aiming to redeem them. She had redeemed quite a lot according to the record, but she didn’t have enough time for all.

My heart sank in the deepest core I never knew I had in my chest. She only had 2 years and a half of prayers left to redeem. I, had a lifetime of prayers.

"I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"


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to be honest, almost all your writings are good. I love 'em.

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