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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bedtime 01 | The thing I Shouldn't Have Done.

It was on my 22nd birthday.
I went up the stairs to my house as usual after hours of classes. It was a hectic day in particular, because I had to pretend to be oblivious to my friends’ plans for my birthday. My watch showed 6 p.m which left me another 2 hours before the party. I stayed with 5 housemates in the apartment, but usually everyone would be at home after 7 which meant I was alone, again. My room was my habitat, with my 3 classmates. The other room was occupied by another one batch mate, Martin.

The door of the other room was locked, and I thought nobody was home. So I quickly stripped off my shirt and pants right in the hall and rushed for the toilet. As I was rinsing my hair, I realized I had forgotten my towel. So now, everyone must have thought that someone will spot me naked as I made my way out. Surprisingly, no one was there to suddenly pop out from nowhere. I made my way happily naked to my room and started changing.

To my surprise, there was a cockroach on the floor. It was black as hell. There was a red mark of an ‘x’ on its back – it looked damn disgusting but it didn’t do anything other than just staying there in its position. We hardly saw any cockroaches around the house, so I theatrically said “shush, away evil” and it moved its antenna to the right. Then to the left. I thought the cockroach was lost and stupid.

I screamed “I’ll kill yaaaa matha stiwartt” and ran for the newspapers. I folded them really tightly and ready for the blow. Now the cockroach was moving frantically on the floor, in circles, and zigzags. I was terrified. I raised my arm really high and smashed the cockroach countless times to death.

At 8, my so called surprise party began, but the door of the other room was still closed. Daniel knocked the pale-brown door hundreds of times before I finally decided to unlock it using the spare key. Shockingly, no one was inside. We tried his cell phone and realized the phone was left under his pillows. In fact, the room was really messy, as if Martin was still around.

A week later he was still missing. His face was on the television and newspapers across the country. We waited for him, at least for our graduation, but he never did come back.

Then it struck me. I smashed a cockroach the day he was missing, and the mark on its back resembled the one on Martin’s neck.

Now 5 years had passed. While some are still wondering his whereabouts, some already forgot who Martin is.


Liyana Othman said...

lol. flipped ma day.

Hunkiecrush said...

Hahahaha. Glad its flippin'. :p

spankuning said...

You know what I love about this post? You used the first-person p.o.v :) sounds like it's really you.


Half of it IS me. Heheheee. :)