The cupids.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The 9th fling | 4

It had been weeks of getting to know each other, weeks of thrill, sex and joy. "I don't love you" was a mistake, she thought. She forced it down her fuzzy mind. He didn't mean it. He must have been very tired. He traveled a lot, didn't he? 

She remained patient. There was no point of rushing through things.

"You know what Alice? I don't really care what you think of me," Greg confessed. "I just think I had enough. You're nice, and if it's possible, I really, really don't want to hurt you."

"You must be really tired Greg-"
"Shut up Alice. I know exactly where you're goin' with this. Thing is, I just don't feel anything for you anymore."
"Even care?"
"Maybe, a, little. Like, this, little" Greg pointed to the flame of the scented candle just by his side.
"But why?" Alice asked, politely, as if unaffected, but God knows how she really felt.
"Should I really answer that?" Greg replied, so snobbishly.
"Well, why not? You don't love me anymore, and after all this chat we might not see each other again. What do we have to lose?"

"You're right. But, do you really want to listen as to WHY?" Greg challenged her.
"Yes. Come on Greg, I told you I'll be your best-est friend." Alice lied. She wanted to see how farther he would go and hurt her. 

"Okay. I met 5 girls there," Greg began, "I liked them all."
Every anticipated word came out and hit her.

"I like certain people too, there's nothing wrong with that."
"I know. I fucked them all. There's nothing wrong with that too isn't it?"

She breathed in slowly, then she said, "You're a handsome man. I don't see that as a surprise."
"Really? That's good," Greg said, now believed that Alice was indeed a friend. "I fucked three of them in a hotel while the other one in a club and the other one at her place."
Blood drained from her face as she listened.
"Was it good?" Alice asked, wanting to see how oblivious Greg could be.
"Of course they were good. I like to fuck you too, but we had sex more than 20 times already. I've never fucked anyone more than once, okay? You're lucky. But, I just feel the urge to fuck others too."
"Oh. But they are just, what, flings?" Alice smiled, bitterly.
"Yeah. You too. But you can be my best-est friend." Greg smiled back.
"You bet." Alice smiled, this time, so eagerly.


Haki said...

I like it.

Fruithart said...

Thank you. That's comforting. :)

ajhadzmy said...

Ikah likes yours. She hates mine. Anyways, interesting ending. Makes you wonder what she'll do next. ;)

Fruithart said...

Thanks Aj. I think Ikah likes the obscene part. HAHA.