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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Girl Who Gets To Dream.

Part 4: 23 years later.

"OMG. So we're like psychics?" Julie asked, with her mouth half-opened.
"I think they are just instincts," Ronnie briefly said.

Julie took her seat slowly, now that they were in the kitchen. She pushed aside the newspaper on the table and sat still. Then she asked again, 

"What happened next?"
"You know, it came true," Ronnie replied as she poured the cereals into the bowls.
"Was the girl, 'you'?" Julie leaned forward.
"No. I was the one who opened the door, in the dream."
"Ouch. So there was really another girl?"
"Yes," Ronnie smiled weakly, "and I figured that they had just had sex." Bruises had turned into scars that no longer bleed.
"Bloody hell! Stupid Tucker!" Julie snapped hard that her heart fell.
"Uh-uh! No cursing."
"They had just what? Then what did you do? If I were you -"
"I would have killed both of them," Ronnie retorted. "I know".
"I'm sorry. I guess I have to be careful too. Having these flashes worries me you know. I feel so out of place." She took a sip of orange juice Ronnie had prepared. Then drew the bowl closer to her. 

"So that was the last time you saw him?"
"I did bump into him couple of times after that, but my heart broke everytime I saw him. It took me months to heal. And those dreams eventually stopped."
"Nooooo. Does this mean I have to stop dating Jason? But I like him." Julie fidgeted, for after weeks of confusion, she began to believe that those dreams she had, weren't just mere dreams.
"I don't know. Follow both your heart, and your mind. Don't let one rules the other."

Julie looked down at the cereal. She studied the crumbs of the flakes on the wall of the bowl. She stared deep, into it. "Just out of curiosity mom, who was that girl?"

Mommy put down her spoon, wiped her mouth and said, "your auntie."
"Which one?" 
The end.


Johan said...
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Johan said...

Bitch. I love the twisted ending. HAHA!

spankuning said...

i wish dreams were never-ending.

i wish this story did not have an ending.

Fruithart said...

Johan; Thankssss. :p

Fruithart said...

Span: Its a new beginning. :)