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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Girl Who Gets To Dream.

Part 3.

It took her months before she finally realized that they weren't just mere dreams.

"Exactly like you dreamnt it?" asked Regina.
"Not exactly," Ronnie said. "But. I don't know. Seriously you can't imagine?"
"No. But I understand. It's called dejavu right?" Regina shrugged.
"Yeah. But unlike the 'common' dejavu if you know what I mean."
"What DO you mean? What common?"
"It's - Umm. Most people don't remember the dreams they had until the 'dejavu' happens -"
"Okay so?"
Regina rolled her eyes and curled her lips, probably annoyed.
"I had these dreams and I remembered everything."

Regina slowly reached for Ronnie's left shoulder and patted it soft. Then she said, "It must be hard".
Ronnie felt safe. For once in her months of suffering, she finally had someone who believed her words which to anyone else and even to herself, sounded utterly ridiculous. She had someone she could now rely on. Someone she could talk to. Someone to share.

"So what was your latest dream again?" asked Regina, half-heartedly. 

"Not sure. There was a room -"
"Probably yours, right?" 
"And it was dark. I couldn't see anything, except for a man -"
"Tucker right?" Regina retorted.
"I'm not sure. But I guess it IS him."
"It must be him 'cause you think too much of him dear." 
"I'm scared. It might come true."
"Seeing your man in your own room? Well, I'm not sure whether you should be worried like this if that's good to know."

"It's not him that I am worried about."
"Then what else?"
"The girl beside him."

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