The cupids.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cerpern 9 | Our Promise.

"Honey you're ready?"
"Yeah. No. Wait. Give me couple of minutes - need to cover this zit with something."
"Let me do it. Here, use this."

She patiently takes out the concealer from the drawer, and utters, "you know what they say" as she draws her hand close to my face, "it's either you're stressing about something, or you're in love" and dubs the brush onto my skin really slowly, with care. She looks me in the eyes, with those pretty steel blue eyes, and smiles so gently. I can't help it but to reminisce - about the things you and I said that day, exactly 2 years ago at the wedding.

We were once friends.

Friends who fell for each other.

There were 6 of us sitting around the table just beside the dance floor. Everything was nice, the place, the people, the lighting, the scent. While some people were dancing and others were busy eating, we were restlessly catching up. I never felt so awkward, because talking to a beautiful woman like you, made me feel so nervous. I doubted I ever stopped fidgeting. I lied to you saying I was enjoying the music; and you just giggled away. Busted. You were funny, and witty too. We jumped from one topic to another, from music to food, from London to Paris, from Me to You, and from "that to this". 
"This, er, what do you mean, THIS?"
"Us." she said. Brief.
"I.. Yes, us. what about us?"
"I like you. LIKE, LIKE you."
"Don't you like me Bill?"
"I do.. In fact. I-"
We both cracked. Cracked so hard.
"I'm very nervous. Yes, I LIKE, LIKE YOU TOO Jenna."
"One day, we're gonna be up there", she pointed to the bride.
"I wanna be up there."

And today here I am. In less than hour, I am going to be a husband, to a woman who is goddam beautiful. I want to get married. Married to this woman I love.

"There you go."
"You look handsome. Bill."
"Thank you baby."
"You're ready?"
"Yes Sarra. I'm ready."

I wanna be up there, just not with you.


Haki said...

Boi. This post inspired me to write. :) Thank you.

Haki said...

Boi. This post inspired me to write. :) Thank you.

Haki said...

By the way, what does the last line mean? Is it still part of the story?

Fruithart said...

I inspired you? Cool. I feel so honored! :p Yeah it's a part of the story.