The cupids.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cerpen 8 | Nights with/out you.

My favorite part of the day was always during the nights, because ;

1. You showed me that I was the only reason who made you smile in the morning.

2. You would listen to my stories I had just read, learnt, thought of, experienced, dreamt and hoped, faithfully like a loving father, even when your eyes sore.

3. You would hold my hand tight, and even tighter when I tried to pull away.

4. You would let me hug you anytime of the night, as long as I wanted.

5. You would never mind if I didn't smell nice, and you'd call me funny names which I had made myself comfortable with.

6. Sometimes I just couldn't sleep and you'd catch me staring at you, and you'd smile and I'd pretend to be asleep and when I opened my eyes, you'd close yours - it was one of those games you never grew tired of.

7. Sometimes when you wanted me but I was really wasted, you'd shower me with compliments, such as "you're mine" and go a little crazy and you'd bite my hands and when I pretended it was hurt, you'd offer yours.

8. You always drew that long sorry face when I stopped talking; and asked me "what's wrong hun?"

9. When I was famished or thirsty you would never hesitate to prepare something for me, or to take me out for a late dinner - even if it was 3 o'clock in the morning.

10. When we had a fight anytime before we went to bed, you'd be as mad as hell but instead of chasing me out when we were about to sleep, you'd take my hand and placed it on your chest as a sign of 'Sorry'.

But these are all in the past. I was just writing them to let you know that I valued our relationship.


Miss Boseyong said...

love your writing . publish a novel & I would love to have it on my shelf .

Hunkiecrush said...

Thanks Miss Boseyong. That is very flattering. :') Amin, if I get the chance I'll publish.