The cupids.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The 9th fling | 2

Greg had always played hard to get, and it was amazing how he slowly opened up to Alice. Weeks had passed through time - it gave the space for Alice to learn his soft side he had chosen to hide from other people. Sometimes Alice could not help it but to stare deeply into him; and often, she got caught.

Although Alice had seemed a little too into him, she constantly reminded herself, that there was a line between her and Greg, a line that is drawn by itself; and is universally called as, a boundary.

It was okay for Alice to be around with new friends on Christmas eve, and not with Greg. She mentally forced herself to accept that 2 days without Greg was going to be alright. After all Greg was not away for nothing, it was on business purpose.

On the first day she thought about him almost every second that ticked. But she was told not to bother him. No calls. Not even a text.

3 days later she still waited, but heard nothing from him. She tried to call him couple of times, but it ended up in vain. For a moment there, she feared that Greg had chosen to leave her. Then she laughed at herself, "such an absurd idea!"

On the fourth day she finally saw Greg, driving passed her, toward the direction of the place they called as home.

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